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iStock Photo: Free Downloads, Big Offerings

istock_logoEvery week, iStock offers a taste of their library. In fact, by joining iStock and creating your account, you’re opening yourself up to four free files per week. As a fellow marketer, you can save yourself a ton of money by growing your collection of stock files for free. Owned by Getty Images, iStock has one of the largest libraries on the net.

iStock File Types

Notice how I don’t tell you that you can get free stock photos. No – you can get a whole lot more. In addition to free stock photos and images, iStock gives you a royalty-free license for an illustration, a video clip and an audio clip at no charge to you. Save some room on your computer’s hard drive for all the free files that iStock is going to give you – no questions asked.

Free Downloads

These free downloads are not iStock’s pick of low-quality or cheap images. IStock uses this feature to showcase what their library has to offer so that you, as a user and a marketer, will be more enticed to make a subscription or credit pack purchase.

Furthermore, these free files are not temporary. Once you take the time to download the free file, it will forever be yours and tied to your account. There is no time limit or expiration date on these files. Use them today, tomorrow, next week or next year – it doesn’t matter. It’s all the same to iStock.

Big Offerings


Don’t underestimate the power of these free images. Time will come and pass and with it, so will these files. If you want to start growing your library, you need to join iStock as soon as you’re done reading this – even if you don’t intend on making a purchase. It’s only a matter of time before you have hundreds of files attached to your account without shelling out a single dime.

When you are ready to make your first iStock purchase, head on over here first. Stock Photo Secrets has secured a number of exclusive promo codes that you can take advantage of. Right now, you can get a 12 percent discount on any credit pack purchase, a 14 percent discount when you purchase six or more credits or a 15 percent discount on any subscription plan. Any way you cut it, you’re in good hands with a good discount.

Hurry – some of these offers won’t be here long. When they’re gone, they’re gone for good.