What NOT to Use when Choosing Cheap Stock Photos

cheap stock photos - animals

Cheap stock photos are the lifeblood of marketing. You need to understand the joys and sorrows that come with cheap stock photography in order to use them in the best way possible. You need to learn how to find a fresh perspective even for the more common subject. Most blogs will help you learn the right ways to use cheap photos. But, we want to give you something different. Here are the type of stock photos you should not use for your campaign.

  • The best way to attract consumers is to connect to them emotionally. And, you can only do this by using natural, realistic images. For instance, your subject is about moving. Most people are not happy about moving – lot of friends and family left behind. Do NOT use images of people happily carrying boxes on moving day because it is not realistic. They look posed.

Instead, use images that focus on the moving and taking a break vibe. For instance, you can choose a picture of a couple resting with boxes stacked at the side.

  • Of course, there are thousands of better images in the Internet. But, you do not want better. You want the best. When choosing cheap stock images, look out for the little details because they usually matter. For instance, when choosing between two photos of children biking, do NOT use a picture of children riding their bikes without helmets.

Instead, consider the one with helmets. You want to depict safety with your products. Also, consider the ones with adequate space to add text.

  • It is also important that you use cheap stock images that do not cause confusion among your target audience. For instance, you want a picture of a person using a digital tablet. Do NOT use an image of a man with distracting features, such as a beard. Do NOT also use an image that does not depict what you want. If you want a digital tablet, do NOT use an image of an improbable caricature of the product.Instead, use an image of a person who is full in charge of the device, with a clear space for text, and no distracting features.
  • It is also important to be creative. Do NOT use specific imagery such as the logos or screenshots of social networking sites. Perhaps, you can spice up your marketing using clean, bright and clear space for text or hashtag caption.

By knowing what NOT to use when choosing cheap stock images, you are decreasing your chances of getting the wrong images for your campaign. These tips are just as important to know as the ones you should DO to create an effective and successful marketing.